met Noëlla /Amerika Haus Berlijn / 2014

Femke den Hollander (°1979, Bruges, Belgium) studied social and cultural work at the VIVES-university after spending 12 months in Zimbabwe as a high school student.  As a social worker she worked 17 years with vulnerable young people,  their stories and lives full of sadness, strenght and hope. 

She feels strongly about documentary work, both photography and film. At the age of 30 she realized she could actually buy a camera to document people and society. So she did. Her first camera came as a second hand Nikon D90, and a 50mm manual objective.  Six years later she graduated in photography at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bruges. 


She participated in several exhibitions and social and cultural projects in Bruges, as a photographer, social investigator and, in some cases, instigator. She's looking for unknown environments, trying to document the lives of people she does not know. Spending time with them teaches her what might remain unseen, unknown and unspoken when no one captures it.

A never ending story. 

She's one of the founders of the N.O.D.S.Collective, a photography-based collective, founded in 2018.


De Republiek Brugge (in-house photographer), TURBO Brugge (in-house photographer) , Knack WE, De Stadsrepubliek (in-house photographer), Handmade in Brugge (in-house photographer), Kunstencentrum KAAP, J.E.F. Jeugdfilm, The BOX, CAW Noord-West-Vlaanderen, Musea Brugge, ARTES, Cinema Lumière, Stad Brugge, OCMW Brugge, Standaard Uitgeverij, Werkplaats Immaterieel Erfgoed, Architectuuratelier Dertien12, vzw Wieder (in-house photographer), Caaap, BREEDBEELD,, the Belgium Homeless Cup, VOORSMAAK, Brugge Plus, KOOKEET, Thingit, architect Bert Maeyens, Oranje vzw, Jeugdwerk voor Allen, ... 


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